Eng Cheng

Email Copywriter & List Manager


Hey I'm Eng Cheng!I help tiny home builders who are struggling with client acquisition to convert potential leads into ideal buyers.But...I couldn't help myself going for both bungee jumping and skydiving during my working holiday in New Zealand.I was 21, what was I thinking? 😄Anyway...Check out some of my testimonials and samples on here and if you're ready...I'm looking to take on one more client this month who wants to turn a consistent flow of leads into tiny home buyers.Email me at eng@engcheng.com and let's chat. 😉


Clicking here to see some samples of my work, enjoy!(It's a safe Google Doc, so no worries!)


"If you're looking for an amazing, passionate copywriter, who really take care of your business and hold you accountable, Eng is your person."

"He's very very good at what he does, very meticulous, very data driven..."